SEC Investor Advocate issues report on 2025 objectives

On Thursday, the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Office of the Investor Advocate issued its Report to Congress on its objectives for Fiscal Year 2025.

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Among the coming year’s priorities, the office said, were assisting investors victimized by fraud, as well as monitoring the surge in investment fraud schemes, and evaluating ways broker and adviser standards of conduct might be impacted by the technological changes in the current market.

“This report reaffirms our commitment to identify and address the unique challenges faced by retail investors, advocate for transparency, mitigate fraud schemes, and support the interests of all investors,” said Cristina Martin Firvida, the SEC’s Investor Advocate.

Other priorities include enhancing Ombuds services to resolve questions, complaints and concerns about the SEC and organizations subject to SEC oversight; exploring ways to increase transparency and maintain investor access to private markets; encouraging innovative and effective disclosure; and increasing investor engagement and input.

The office is an independent office that was established by Congress to help retail investors resolve problems with the SEC, as well as to identify area where investors would benefit from changes in SEC rules and regulations. The office also analyses the impact proposed regulations would have on investors and proposes regulatory or legislative changes that might help investors and promote investors interests.